1. Financial Services and Investment Fund - working with major Chinese funds and financial institutions on domestic and overseas investments. Successfully placed capital into multiple US development projects for Beijing Urban Construction Group and Eastern Tower (Shandong), and provide advisory for Grand China Investment Fund and Wailian Group. Working with E-House on placing capital in Southern California real estate market.
  2. Themed Entertainment Attractions and Media Hubs - working with leading Chinese real estate and media companies to leverage and deploy top global and specifically Hollywood IP's. Successfully placed Fast and Furious IP into Shanghai as a physical attraction. Spearheaded the formation of Hollywood China Investment Group and obtained the exclusive development rights of Paramount Studio's amusement park in China.
  3. Film and Television Production Partnership and Collaboration - working with top Chinese film and television companies in addition to top Chinese entertainment and media investment funds on co-production projects. Working with wide array of Chinese producers and directors and pairing them with US counterparts on various co-production projects.
  4. Cinema Technology and Entertainment Complex - delivering one of a kind cinema technologies and know-how to an ever competitive cinema environment in China in addition to entertainment complex planning.
  5. Lifestyle and Retail Consulting - working with Chinese retailers and real estate companies to identify available global retailers and brands in addition to proper planning and service execution.
  6. Tourism Real Estate - working with Chinese real estate companies focusing on tourism to deliver best international theme casino and recreational resources.
  7. Tourism Worldwide - working with the Greek government and the European Union to open up tourism for Chinese travelers and to encourage investment through favorable immigration policies.
  8. Automotive Products - working with leading Chinese chemical company and Chinese government to identify and to address growing market demand for automotive products specifically in automotive care by leveraging a 90-year-old U.S. chemical company and its leading products. Successfully building a line of 20 products and leading to over 4 million in sales in the first year with one client.
  9. Infrastructure Investment - working with the Chinese government and China Development Bank to identify key infrastructure projects abroad and to leverage leading Chinese engineering and infrastructure know-how as well as financing for these international projects in exchange for immigration slots and international collaboration.
  10. Executive Education - working with leading Chinese education institutions, investment funds, and local governments to establish executive MBA and executive training program with U.S. partners.
  11. Medical Clinic and Expertise - working with Chinese hospitals and real estate companies to set up medical clinics utilizing American medical advancement and expertise.
  12. Agricultural Advancement and Technologies - working with Chinese government and leading food companies to identify and to address the agricultural and food logistics issues in China utilizing international resources and technologies.
  13. Elderly Care Services Provision - working with Chinese real estate companies to identify best international resources and to address the pressing need for elderly care in China. Sourcing a line of top US products and distributing into a wide network of clinics, senior communities, Chinese medicinal stores, and organic and health concept supermarkets.