The CUSV platform is established following the success of the first-ever U.S.-China Real Estate Summit in August 2010, where leading business executives and entrepreneurs from both the U.S. and China were brought together on real estate opportunities in both countries. Since the conference, a board of advisors were brought together and organized into their areas of expertise.

The areas of expertise were divided into:
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Technology/Energy

We provide organizations and corporations strategic and operational advice to foster growth through

  • Strategic Alliances
  • Entering New Markets
  • Increasing Existing Market Share
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Srategic Planning and Implementation

  • We focus on building great business relationships.
  • We examine all options, ranging from export strategy to licensing and franchising, to strategic alliances and joint ventures -- and we make our recommendation to top management.
  • Based on core competencies, organizational resources and capabilities, we advise corporations on creating customer value and building their competitive advantage in the new market/country.
  • Our Management team and our esteemed Board of Advisors, have the experience, knowledge and network to assist corporations not only develop but also execute a successful international strategy.

Investment Advice on EB-5 Regional Center Projects

  • The US government -- in its attempt to promote economic growth, job creation, increased regional productivity -- created the EB-5 Regional Center Program. This program encourages immigration through investment, with a requirement of $1,000,000 or only $500,000 if the regional center is in a targeted employment area -- either a high unemployment or a rural area.
  • Preferred Immigration Counsel: Hirson Immigration
  • DMI Regional Center - Featured Project: Click here to view pdf
  • Beijing-E-Town: Featured Project: Click here to view website

    Beijing Daxing Airport


CUSV Activity Timeline

  • Worked with China Senior Industry Association and China State Owned Enterprise Association to host Former US Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros in Beijing; established joint venture, Legacy Group, with China Senior Industry Association on strategic collaboration in pension fund management and healthcare services
  • Worked with Goodwin Company to host Shanghai Yongda Group in Los Angeles that resulted in two sides coming together to form joint venture on service product manufacturing and sales distribution
  • Worked with China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce to organize New Urbanism Forum featuring Walmart new urban development model and cultural and creative development ideas in China
  • Worked with GE Healthcare China, Peking University, Beijing Urban Construction Group, China Senior Industry Association, iSoftstone, and Hollywood China Investment Group to host 35-person delegation from the U.S. that included the economic development director from Abu Dhabi.
  • Organized press conference featuring intellectual property collaboration between Shanghai Big Rock and CCE; CUSV Co-Chairman Vardiabasis, China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Secretary General Huang, and first ever Formula One Chinese driver Ma served as keynote speakers
  • CUSV founded company, Hollywood China Investment Group, formalized partnership with Paramount Studios to exclusively develop its theme park in China
  • Worked with Beijing Cultural and Creative Bureau and State Assets Management Office and CITIC GuoAn Group to host 50-person delegation from the U.S.
  • Worked with Goodwin Company and SEMA to participate at Tuner Tribe (the only government approved pilot area for automotive specialty equipment installation and demonstration) annual show and China Auto Salon (CAS) annual exhibition
  • Hosted China Senior Industry Association in Los Angeles to visit leading healthcare organizations and Milken Institute
  • Worked with Turtle Bay Capital, CityView, and Chelsea Management to host China Investment Federation in New York, San Antonio, and Los Angeles
  • Hosted UnionPay Online and Xuri Pension Fund in Los Angeles to explore various collaborations in retail, accommodations, fund management, and entertainment
  • Hosted Beijing government's cultural and creative development delegation at the California Club and spearheaded collaboration dialogue between the delegation and leading entertainment industry executives that included representatives from the studios, music producers, creative designers, and investment bankers
  • Became top advisor for Beijing Cultural and creative investment and management office
  • Became advisor to Beijing Da Xing district's economic development and promotion area
  • Worked with Hunan based Letain Entertainment to form a collaboration with Ultrastar cinemas to build cinemas throughout China and find co-production projects with prospective US partners
  • Participated and served as panel speaker at USC China Connect Forum
  • Participated and featured American films at the Beijing Film Festival
  • Organized a formal business visit regarding intelligent community planning for China Community Commercial Real Estate Association and Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG) to Taiwan which included visits with Farglory Group and Yutong Construction, both leading development and construction companies in Taiwan
  • Organized a formal government visit for Beijing Cultural and Creative Investment Fund and Authority to Taiwan, which included a meeting with Taiwan legislative Yuan's KMT Party Whip Lai Shi Bao
  • Organized meetings between Chinese investors and Greek economic development officials to discuss prospective investment projects during Greek Prime Minister's former visit to China in the month of May
  • Worked with Beijing municipal government Peking University, General Electric Healthcare, Beijing Urban Construction Group, Baidu iQiyi, DBSTAR Media, Shan Dong Qingzhou Municipal government, and China Aging Industry Association to host a group of US executives from major companies such as Warner Bros., Stryker, Columbia Broadcast System, Baker Boys Distribution, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Allergan, and Irvine Company
  • Worked with China Production Committee to create executive education program, as well as make connections with major US production and entertainment companies
  • Worked with Hollywood China Investment Group to develop an entertainment district in collaboration with Hunan Performance Group, and Hunan Broadcast System, which will total 3 billion USD in investments
  • Worked with CreaSun Production Company to identify working partners in the US such as Oscar-nominated David Ebner for special effects and post production works
  • Worked with Shanghai Big Rock Group to form a collaboration with Cultural and Creative Entertainment to build a automotive themed attraction in the city of Shanghai
  • Invited Trends Group's CAR Magazine to participate at the 2013 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in order to feature the automotive aftermarket industry in the US which is becoming a booming industry in China
  • Worked with Peking University, iSoftStone, GE Healthcare, China Development Bank, Wanda Group, Chai Thai Group, Chow Tai Fook Jewelers, and Little Swan Restaurant Group to host over 60 US executives from major companies like Aon Hewitt, Boeing Company, Johnson & Johnson, Pimco, Microsoft, and AT&T
  • Worked with Jackie Chan China Company to form collaboration and educational exchange program with the University of Southern California's Cinema School
  • Worked with Beijing Urban Construction Group (BUCG) and Beijing Film Academy to form an educational cooperation with U.S. counterparts, which led to the incorporation of Beijing Hollywood Entertainment, spearheaded by Demos Vardiabasis and Scott Rosenfelt
  • Worked with Tianjin Northern Film Group (second largest film company in China) to form a collaboration with Ultrastar Cinemas to build cinemas in the City of Tianjin and to find co-production projects with prospective U.S. partners
  • Worked with Wanda Group (China's largest commercial real estate developer) on identifying entertainment related resources for its theme park project in Beijing
  • Planned the China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and its delegation's itinerary to the U.S. and its meetings with Stanford University's Center of Aging, SEE Global Entertainment, Red Mountain Retail Group, and Ultrastar Cinemas
  • Participated and served as keynote speaker at the China Elderly Care Services Forum in Shanghai
  • Worked with leading intellectual property legal expert and legal counsel to Samsung, Ma Yide, along with COFCO and Renmin University (China's number one liberal arts university) to host a group of U.S. executives from major companies such as Microsoft, Edward Life Sciences, Toyota, Northgate, Pepsi, UPS, and Raytheon
  • Partnered with China Ministry of Culture, the City of Beijing, and numerous leading entertainment and media companies to organize the first-ever cultural and creative industry forum in Beijing; Demos Vardiabasis and Wanda Group Chairman served as keynote speakers along with the country's culture minister and the Beijing vice mayor, who also serves as the minister of communication
  • Worked with China Real Estate Investment Association and GrandChina Investment Fund to identify working partners in the U.S.; arranged prospective working relationships with CityView, DMI, Clearwater, and U.S. pension funds
  • Partnered with JP Investments, a Chinese leading financial services firm, to provide financial consultation to various international companies
  • Worked with Beijing Urban Construction Group and its U.S. subsidiary to perform due diligence studies and to identify prospective working and investment partners in the U.S.
  • Worked with GTFC and GT Investment to program the largest ongoing private construction project in Beijing ($2.0 Billion USD); signed MOU with Ultrastar to incorporate a 4D Cinema within the project
  • Worked with the City of Beijing, the City of Tianjin, and Inner Mongolia jurisdiction to host a U.S. delegation led by executives from Morgan Stanley, Western Digital, Public Storage, Exodus Entertainment, and various industry leading companies
  • Partnered with Tianjin Binhai District to develop and to implement a state of the art multi-entertainment media center at Bestown Historic Center
  • Partnered with Shanghai Daqian Group and DTG to develop and to implement theme park and entertainment attraction projects in Shanghai and throughout China
  • Worked with Seven Stars and VLOV to develop lifestyle retail stores and platform with ADL Partners led by Linda Lore, formerly the youngest woman CEO in a Fortune 500 company, in addition to resources from California Fashion Association
  • Partnered with Beijing Tourism Group to develop and to implement a visa center to process visa application to Europe and to advertise tourism to the country of Greece


  • Worked with China Association of Generals and Admirals for Arts and Calligraphy to plan international resources; planned its trip to Taiwan on peaceful resolutions through arts and cultural exchanges
  • Worked with China Association of Generals and Admirals in an calligraphy exhibition that featured the commander of Lanzhou and Shenyang districts, the commander of ballistic defense, the commander of national guards, and various military leaders
  • Partnered with China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and China Riverside Group to invite and to host a top architectural design delegation from the U.S. that included Scott Johnson, Mark Rios, Comstock, and well known award winning designers
  • Worked with representatives from Sino Petroleum, Sino Chemical, China Ocean Oil, and various oil refineries to host and to discuss with a Greek delegation led by former Greek Secretary of State Theodore Roussopolous on future collaborations in energy and shipping
  • Partnered with China's Global CEO Club and leading Chinese companies such as Huili Investment to organize the CEO Forum held at the Beijing City Hall that featured top U.S. executives from Oracle, AT&T, Shangri-La Industries, eMAT Investment Fund, Goodwin Company, and a long list of well recognized leaders in their industries
  • Worked with Cities of Chongqing, Xiamen, and Tianjin to host Neil Bush, the Chairman of Bush Foundation, and to discuss collaboration in the energy and the financial sectors
  • Became a member of advisory committee for Beijing's Center of Cultural Development
  • Partnered with China Investment Association, a member of China Commission of Development and Reform, to organize an investment forum focusing on cultural development that featured Ultrastar Cinemas and eMAT Investment Fund
  • Worked with CCTV, Beijing's Center of Cultural Development, Tianjin's Fu Feng Da Group, and OxBridge Education to host award winning producer, Scott Rosenfelt, and to discuss collaboration in co-production and educational projects; his films included the number one family film of all-time, "Home Alone"
  • Partnered with Former Secretary of U.S. Housing and Urban Development, Henry Cisneros, to host China Real Estate Association, a member of China Commission of Development and Reform, and a delegation led by its Vice Chairman and Secretary General, Miao Leru, who once served as the minister of construction and planning, to visit JP Morgan leadership, National Association of Real Estate Investment Trust, and Urban League Institute
  • Worked with Riverside Group to source international expertise to execute master planning of the largest high-end resort at Jinhai Lake in Beijing
  • Participated and spoke at the China Commercial Real Estate Forum in Beijing


  • Founding by Demos Vardiabasis and Albert Huang
  • Hosted First Ever U.S.-China Real Estate Summit organized in modern era; partnered with China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce (China's largest real estate organization)
  • Hosted China's People's Bank (Central Bank) delegation in the U.S. and visited over 100-year-old bank, Farmers and Merchants Bank in Long Beach and numerous financial institutions
  • Partnered with China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce and COFCO (China's number one food producer) to host U.S. delegation led by Red Mountain Red Retail Group Chairman Michael Mugel and former Honeywell executive Russ McKeekin to discuss retail real estate and energy conservation collaborations